Big thanks to Big Rock

Dianne St. Jean
Big thanks to Big Rock

Thank goodness for good-old-fashioned good service!

Admittedly, many editorials or opinion articles often stem from a vantage point of frustration, a perceived imbalance or injustice about an issue, and yes, sometimes even complaining.

Unfortunately, more often than not, there is very good reason for that. So, it’s refreshing to hear a good report once in a while, and I’ve got one.

Last week my husband Dale and I took a trip into Hinton to Big Rock Chrysler Dodge and Jeep dealership. Some time ago Dale had been stopped for speeding while on a trip back to Alberta. The police officer told him that he clocked him at 23 km/hour over the speed limit – although the cruise control was set at the highway speed limit of 110. The officer himself suggested that Dale take the truck in to a dealership to get the speedometer checked.

So, we brought the trusty old 1995 Dodge in to Big Rock. As it turned out, a computer analysis couldn’t be carried out because of the age of the truck - updated equipment - outdated vehicle.  

In the meantime Jamie-Lee, one of the employees at the dealership, drove us around in a shuttle vehicle. We were looking for a particular business and, being not that familiar with some areas in Hinton, she offered to take us there.

Turns out that the business was out in the boonies, and after much, much driving around and being unsuccessful at finding it, we discovered it had shut down. Jamie-Lee was so good about it, and very pleasant. Customers are usually shuttled and dropped off, usually to a mall while they wait for their vehicle to get checked or repaired, so you don’t always get that degree of personal service.

When we returned to the dealership we discovered they were unable to do the test on the truck. We were disappointed that the test couldn’t be done, and went on our way.

Then we got a personal call from Dennis Brown, the general manager. He told us to come back to the dealership and that they wanted to do more to help us. He took the time to arrange an on-road test, gauging the speed in Dale’s truck against a new vehicle. It was confirmed that the truck’s speedometer was indeed out according to what the RCMP officer had said. Dale was given a letter verifying that.

Says Dale: “On behalf of my driving record and bank account I would like to thank the awesome staff at Big Rock Chrysler Dodge and Jeep dealership in Hinton for discovering that my speedometer on my trusty Dodge is in fact out by 23 km/hour, which is the reason why a friendly RCMP officer clocked me at 133 km/hour on a 110 km/hour speed zone. Great job!”

Thanks to Dennis, Morgan and Jamie-Lee, who literally went the extra mile for us. It’s great to see that good-old-fashioned good service still exists!