Dianne St. Jean
Spring Cleaning in the Village

The Village of Valemount is planning to help the rest of us clean up our act this spring.
‘Spring Clean-Up Day’ is tentatively set for Tuesday, June 5 and is a perfect opportunity for the community, individual residents in particular, to rid themselves of derelict vehicles and household appliances.

The Village has retained the services of ABC Recycling from Prince George, who will remove the vehicles and appliances.

Bin disposal

Metal bins from ABC Recycling will be placed at three pre-determined locations so that residents can bring discarded metal and other allowable materials to these locations.

So far, plans are for bins to be at a site adjacent to the Public Works compound, adjacent to the Fire Hall, and at the Legion parking lot.

The date for the bin delivery will be made public well beforehand, likely in late May, with pick up by ABC Recycling to take place on June 5.

Village staff will be on-site to assist, with Public Works providing pick-up service for those with mobility challenges.

Derelict Vehicle pick-up

Costs for the removal of derelict vehicles from pre-identified areas in the Village are for now estimated to be at around $50 per vehicle, paid by the owner to the Village.

This is a good opportunity for residents to finally get rid of those otherwise difficult-to-dispose items.

Watch for notices in the upcoming weeks for more details.