Village of Valemount Open Air Burning

Dianne St. Jean
Village of Valemount Open Air Burning

Spring is the time when a lot of property owners decide to clear out land or dispose of debris through burning.
Make sure that, before you burn, you are familiar with the Open Air Burning bylaw, especially since amendments were made last year.

According to the amended bylaw a burning permit for any form of open air burning is required at any and all times of the year and is issued by the Bylaw Enforcement Officer based on satisfactory and safe weather conditions that adhere to provincial regulations.

Also, no burning materials can be added to a fire after 5:00 p.m., unless otherwise granted.

Burning is also restricted to within 500 meters of any school during regular school days, within 100 meters of any residence at all times, and within 500 meters of any medical centre at all times.

If you have any questions on open air burning, give the Village Office a call at 250-566-4435.