Your Yard – Your Expression

Dianne St. Jean

Yard Expressions Landscaping Services

Now in their fourth season, Yard Expressions Landscaping Services in Valemount continues to provide professional landscaping services to Valemount, Tete Jaune as well as Jasper.

Your Yard – Your Expression
Your Yard – Your Expression

They offer a range of yard services, including landscape design, landscape construction, yard and flowerbed maintenance, restoration, and clean up.

Building a house on an undeveloped property? They can provide you with a certified design from scratch.

Or perhaps you want to improve, change or add to an existing design.

Business owners Augusto Pardo and Karita Hunt will gladly visit you and present and discuss various ideas. They also provide free estimates.

Your Yard – Your Expression

 “Sometimes people want to beautify their yards, but they don’t know how to,” says Augusto.

Their maintenance services include lawn-mowing, general flowerbed upkeep, pruning – anything that keeps your yard looking trimmed and tidy.

They will do one-time jobs but also offer seasonal contracts for both residential and commercial.

This season they’ve expanded their clean up services to include junk removal, which includes basically anything they can take to the transfer station.

Your Yard – Your Expression

“We noticed that many times people don’t have the means to get it out of their yard,” says Augusto.

This service also helps them, as sometimes basic junk in a yard interferes with the landscaping process.

Why hire a landscaper?

Landscaping adds to curb appeal either just for the beauty of it or to enhance property value. It’s estimated that landscaping can add up to as much as 25-30% value to a property, of course depending on the quality.

Your Yard – Your Expression

A well-designed outdoor property not only adds beauty and has more material value but also provides food and shelter for birds, bees and butterflies, and other little critters that benefit our yards and gardens.

If you need some work done on your business or residential property, or if you are looking at updating and need some ideas or have questions as to where to start and what to do, don’t hesitate to give them a call at 250-566-5020.

You can also reach them by email at or