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Celebrate Spring with a refreshed Smoothie routine

Courtney Rupertus
Celebrate Spring with a refreshed Smoothie routine

You probably already know that smoothies are a delicious and nutritious snack or meal replacement any time of the year, but the changing of the seasons is a great time to shake things up by adding a new super food to your usual smoothie routine.

Take advantage of seasonal fruit and vegetables as they become available, particularly locally grown and harvested; you can put pretty much anything in a smoothie and have it taste delicious.

The basic construction of a good smoothie looks a little like this: 1 cup or handful chopped fruit, 1 cup of greens/steamed veggies, ¾ liquid, 1 tbsp. healthy fat, and 1 scoop of your preferred add-ins.

The options for adding fruits and veggies to your smoothies are absolutely endless, some of my favourites include:

• Bananas    • Avocado

• Berries     • Spinach

• (strawberries, blackberries,     • Kale

• blueberries, goji berries, etc)    • Cucumber (unpeeled)

• Pineapple    • Steamed zucchini, cauliflower,

• Mango    • or broccoli

• Apple    • Red or green chopped cabbage

• Pear    • Freshly grated ginger

The liquids you add to your smoothie can range from cold-brew espresso to almond milk to freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice to coconut water – the delicious combinations are endless. Many wellness blogs, magazines, and cookbooks have numerous recipes you can try or simply mix and match ingredients until you find your favourite.

Healthy fats can be yogurt, pre-soaked nuts likes cashews or almonds, hemp hearts, chia seeds, or even a dollop of coconut oil.

Other add-ins, which combined, should amount to about 1 tbsp. or 1 scoop of protein powder can be anything under the sun. Popular smoothie add-ins, which offer a range of different health benefits are:

• Cinnamon    • Adaptogenic mushrooms like chaga,

• Cacao    • ashwaganda, or cordyceps

• Turmeric    • Collagen peptides

• Maca    • Matcha (green tea powder)

• Flaxseed    • Spirulina

• Hemp protein powder or another plant-based protein powder

You can refer to a naturopath or a nutritionist regarding your current health and they will typically recommend one or two supplements to add to your diet to see if a change can be made depending on any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Smoothies are a great way to integrate more nutrients into your diet and can hide flavours that may not be particularly appetizing to you. For me, I like to hide as many dark, bitter greens in my smoothie as possible because it’s something I don’t really consume on its own.

My typical morning smoothie looks a little like this:

1/2 banana

1 handful of berries

1 handful spinach or kale

¾ cup homemade and unsweetened almond/cashew milk

1 tbsp. plain greek yogurt

1 tbsp. of Jump Up and GoGo

Jump Up and GoGo is available at Infinity Office and Health or and contains organic cacao powder, organic maca powder, organic goji berry powder, organic acai powder, organic hemp protein powder, organic wheatgrass powder, and bee pollen.

It has little added flavor when combined into a smoothie and makes a huge difference in my energy and mood levels for the day.

Get creative and have fun making your own signature spring smoothie!