Remembering Norah Warr – Valley Pioneer

By Sandra Warr

Norah Margaret Warr (Barnett), a pioneer of the Robson Valley, passed away at the age of 106 on March 25, 2018.

Norah, her sister Louise, and parents Jessie and Fred Barnett, settled here in the spring of 1921 on a homestead three miles from Croydon Station. Norah was ten years old.

The family had moved from Assiniboia, Saskatchewan.

The first months were an adventure as they lived in a tent structure while Fred cleared land and built a two-bedroom log house for the family.

It was a three-mile walk each way to the one room school at Croydon. There was no road, so Norah and Louise walked on the railroad tracks.

Norah would recall her first impression of Croydon when they disembarked from the train - it wasn’t pleasant, as a forest fire had recently gone through the valley and left the mountains covered with nothing but the burnt stumps of trees.

Although Norah grew to love the valley, she and Louise left as young women, married and settled in Edmonton, Alberta. However, they returned every year to visit their parents in Croydon and then friends in McBride.

Norah’s last visit was in September of 2017, at 105 years of age. Many children of Norah’s old friends came for a visit with her on that trip...she so enjoyed it all.