Simpcw First Nation votes in new councillors

Dianne St. Jean
Simpcw First Nation votes in new councillors

Results are in from the election for councillor votes for the Simpcw First Nation that took place on May 6 at the Chu Chua Community Hall. There were six councillor positions in all to be selected – one Off Reserve and five On Reserve.  

Lori Eustache was voted in as Off Reserve Councillor, with a total of 81 votes.

On Reserve Councillors are, in order of most votes: Ron Lampreau (118); Eddie Celesta (110); Christine (Tina) Donald (96); George Lampreau (93); and Alison Eustache Green (70).

At the same time, voters cast ballots on their Membership Code Referendum, as to whether or not they approve of the Simpcw First Nation Membership Code, dated August 21, 2015. A total of 131 Yes votes were cast and 38 for a No vote.

The Membership Code constitutes the rights of self-governance of the Simpcw First Nation people and the rights and responsibilities as members of that Nation.

In an earlier election on April 8, Shelly Ann Loring was voted in as Chief of the Simpcw First Nation. She will replace Nathan Matthew, who did not run for re-election.

The official induction ceremony will take place on May 31 at Chu Chua Community Hall at which time position of Chief will be formally transferred.