Sacrifice Red Veterans Support Society - serving those who serve us

Dianne St. Jean
Sacrifice Red Veterans Support Society president Peter Addis (right) and vice-president Pete Pearson (left)
Sacrifice Red Veterans Support Society president Peter Addis (right) and vice-president Pete Pearson (left)
Dianne St. Jean photo

The community of Valemount and visitors from far and wide are waiting in excited anticipation for the second annual Valemount Craft Beer Experience (VCBE) that will take place on Saturday, June 16 at the Valemount Airport.

Last year’s Experience was a resounding success, to the point where tickets for this year’s event were snapped up and have been long sold out. 

Organizing an event of such magnitude, however, requires a whole lot of manpower and effort, and that’s where the Sacrifice Red Veterans Support Society (SRVSS) comes in.

Formed in 2017 after the first VCBE, the society fulfills a multifold purpose that includes fundraising for services to help veterans; and since VCBE is all about that, the new society plays a key role in those operations.

The SRVSS acts as the umbrella group for the VCBE, overseeing all its financial aspects and other practicalities such as obtaining liquor licenses, etc.

The society consists of president Peter Addis, vice-president Pete Pearson, and five board members, including a veteran out of Jasper and others who are closely related to a veteran, all who have strong ties to veterans and issues that affect them. 

Their mandate is to support veterans and First Responders, not only within the Robson Valley, but also in BC and in Canada.

“We felt there is a need for it,” says Addis, himself an Afghanistan veteran, explaining that the transition back to civilian life and dealing with issues such as PTSD is very difficult, and veterans are in need of support during that transition, adding that First Responders also undergo PTSD because of things they witness during duty. 

The Society’s main goal is to help those individuals in dealing with those physical, mental and emotional challenges, says Addis, “… and we need to support different veteran organizations that help in this capacity.”

Both Addis and Pearson want to stress that the SRVSS is totally separate from the VCBE, as is Three Ranges Brewing Co. and its owner Michael Lewis, who initiated the Valemount Craft Beer Experience event.

“Everyone is a volunteer,” says Addis, adding that neither Lewis nor his brewery, nor the SRVSS receive any funds or profit from the Valemount Craft Beer Experience.

Proceeds of this year’s Experience will likely be shared the same way as last year, with the Communities for Veterans Foundation receiving half as the main recipient, and the Valemount Royal Canadian Legion Branch 266 and the Valemount Arts and Cultural Society (VACS) sharing the remaining half, although how funds will be dispersed will likely be reviewed each year.