Parks Canada is seeking the public’s help in conserving the habitat of our winged friends in Jasper National Park.
Parks Canada photo

Bird nesting areas are especially busy in the spring as they begin preparing for the next generation. With your support, Parks Canada would like to give those birds the best possible chance at success and survival.

Research has found that the presence of dogs has a significant impact on birds as they view them as a predator. To improve breeding success giving birds some extra space especially around beaches and adjacent to lakes, rivers and streams can make a world of difference.

This goes hand and hand with National Parks Act regulations that are in effect all year round in Jasper National Park that require dogs to be on-leash throughout the park.

These regulations are designed to ensure dogs don’t disturb or harass wildlife or other park visitors. It is also in the best interest of your pet as dogs may attract attention from other wildlife like bears, wolves and elk.  

Parks Canada staff will be will be enforcing off-leash regulations throughout the park with special emphasis on bird nesting areas.  This may result in a warning, charge or fine.

You can assist by following these regulations and keeping your dog on a leash at all times.

Let’s make sure Jasper National Park continues to be for the birds for generations to come.