Record-holding wingsuit flyer from B.C. dies in skydiving accident over the weekend

Reginald Hurlbut ‘made the sport what it is,’ says friend and fellow skydiver
By Clare Hennig/CBC News/June 19, 2018

An experienced Kamloops skydiver, who holds numerous world records for wingsuit flying, died in a skydiving accident on Friday while training for an upcoming record attempt.

Reginald Hurlbut, who went by the nickname Veggie Reggie because of his avid gardening and generosity sharing baskets of vegetables with fellow flyers, was at a training camp in rural Illinois.

"I was on the same jump with him," said Danny Grant, a friend of Hurlbut's.

"The parachute opened and something happened between that and the landing. He just appeared to not have complete control."

La Salle County investigators and the Federal Aviation Administration are still investigating the cause of the accident.

There were about 44 skydivers on the jump that day, all wearing wingsuits, Grant said.

Wingsuit flying is skydiving with a special suit that allows the skydiver to glide through the air in formations between leaping from the airplane and deploying their parachutes.