Residents along Swift Creek advised to “bear-proof” yards

Dianne St. Jean
Residents along Swift Creek advised to “bear-proof” yards

This year there have been more sightings of bears entering or coming close to residential areas.

Spotting wildlife is relatively common here, but it seems that in the last few weeks a little bruin in particular has decided to make a nuisance of himself.

Some folks that live near the ridge along Swift Creek, especially where there’s a lot of adjacent dense forest or bush, have encountered the wanderer looking for food.

Reports of sightings seem to indicate it is the same bear – a juvenile. It’s speculated that Momma Bear booted him out of the family home and he’s trying to make it on his own.

He has been spotted, and is guilty of, taking down bird feeders at Bruce Place, and has made more than one appearance at Joan Nordli’s residence.

The Conservation Office out of Clearwater advises residents in the problem area to please take down the bird feeders, especially hummingbird feeders as the bear can catch the sweet scent from quite a distance. Of course it’s also advised to keep garbage inside or inaccessible.

And for interest’s sake, the Office also commented that if a bear becomes a persistent problem, they don’t simply relocate them but take other actions.

That should make us think about our responsibility in doing our part to keep the wildlife in the wild, and in that way keep ourselves - and them - safe.