Adieu but not farewell

Dianne St. Jean
 Robson Valley historian and world traveller Leonard Lea Frazer.
Robson Valley historian and world traveller Leonard Lea Frazer.
Dianne St. Jean photo

Our travelling minstrel historian is moving on

Historian and travel writer Leonard Lea Frazer is moving on and into retirement. That means that The Valley Sentinel readers will soon be experiencing withdrawals.

Frazer is the author of the book “Cariboo Joe” as well as other collections of amusing and intriguing accounts of his travels abroad as well as the history of the Robson Valley, especially Valemount.

Frazer lived in Valemount for 17 years after travelling. He was editor of the Canoe Mountain Echo newspaper, a forerunner of The Valley Sentinel, for nearly two years. In fact, he was its last editor.

He remarks, “When I arrived [in Valemount] there were 13 sawmills, and three when I left.”

Frazer is thankful to those who encouraged him to tell his stories, and indeed, the stories of others.

His “Time-Space-Equation” accounts to the Small Frye Episodes bring in comments from those I meet on the streets, even phone calls and emails either inquiring about the writings or Frazer himself, or just a mention of how much his writings are enjoyed. We will miss them!

And while he might be moving on, we’re quite sure he just won’t be able to stop himself from telling stories.

Good luck in your next phase of adventure, Leonard!