Meet the candidates in McBride

Municipal - North Central/Cariboo District – McBride

Mayoral Candidates: Loranne Martin (incumbent); Gene Runtz; Rick Thompson

Candidates for Council (all in by acclamation):  Allan Frederick; Lucille Green (incumbent); Rosemary Hruby (incumbent); Diane Smith


McBride Candidates for Mayor 

In alphabetical order:

Meet the candidates in McBride
Loranne Martin

Background:  Loranne Martin has lived in McBride for 12 years; seven of those years she spent on Council, proudly serving her community as Councillor and as Mayor. Her background is in local government. She has a certificate in Public Administration, a diploma and certificates in Business Administration and Management and over 20 years experience in the field. “It would be an honor to be re-elected in this year’s Mayoral Election,” says Martin.

“When making the decision whether I wanted to run again and after consulting with my family, I made a list of all the things that had been accomplished, the direction the Village is heading, and although there is always room for improvement I feel we are on the right path. I wanted to continue to be part of positive change. I’m pleased with the new Economic Development Plan, implementing it will lead to economic diversification in the Robson Valley. With all of the recreation trails being developed we need to start looking at getting visitors to stay, eat and shop in the Village and grow the accommodation industry. I hoped to build a connector trail from McBride that links to the mountain bike trail network. In order to do this we need to start looking at revitalization tax exemption bylaws and public / private partnerships. Housing has become a priority, whether seniors, affordable, or low-income and could be targeted through a revitalization bylaw. This would meet the goal of expanding the Village’s tax base. We received funding for an asset management plan and we need to look at the Village’s water supply to ensure the Village can meet the demands of an increased population or increased visitation. We also need to look at developing the ten acres of property behind the Public Works building. We need to continue to look at reducing costs and with some of the information that has come from the Regional District, this will become a priority for the Village. It’s going to be a busy but exciting four years and I hope to continue to serve the community. I would appreciate your vote for re-election. Please feel free to contact me at or for more detail, visit my facebook page.”

Meet the candidates in McBride
Rick Thompson

Background: Candidate Thompson says he has lived, worked, and played in McBride and the Robson Valley since 1998. “As a former principal of McBride Secondary School and District Administrator with School District No. 57 (Prince George) I have demonstrated effective leadership for our community. I have been honoured to serve as Village Councillor since 2002 where I have developed effective skills and meaningful connections for our community.” Thompson has been active over the years in community organizations such as the Roundhouse Theatre Society, Model Railway Society, Snofest, Summer Street Festival and the Healthy Communities Committee. He also started and continues to operate several local and innovative businesses. “Municipal politics is challenging but at the same time very rewarding when you see growth, improvement, and community spirit and involvement. It requires the support of one’s family, and I have the full support of Carol and my daughters as I put forward my name to commit to the work and the responsibilities that lie ahead for the next four years.”

“I have been a steadfast member of McBride Village Council for the past five terms as a Councillor. It is my intention to continue in municipal politics during the next term; however, this time in the position of Mayor. I feel that my proven leadership and organizational skills and abilities as well as my collaborative approach will benefit the new Council as we work to complete many initiatives recently introduced by Council. I am the longest-standing member of Council and I have often been called upon to provide the background of past decisions so that good decisions can be made moving forward. I feel that my knowledge, skills and abilities and my contacts at various levels of government are important assets to keep on Council. Issues facing McBride include improving and diversifying our economy, addressing affordable and supportive housing, and replacing and improving our infrastructure. Maximizing the use of our two school facilities so they can both remain vibrant may be an issue on the horizon. I will work with Council, staff, non-profit organizations, Northern Health, other levels of government and the community, to address these issues for the betterment of McBride and area."

Meet the candidates in McBride