School Trustee Nominees for SD57 Robson Valley Region

Harold Edwards, McBride; Bob Thompson, Dunster



SD 57 School Trustee Robson Valley Candidates
Bob Thompson - Dunster

Background: Thompson was born in Boston and raised in California. He met his wife Glenda in Mexico and emigrated to Canada to be with her. Together they raised five children. He became a Canadian citizen in 2005 and has lived in the Robson Valley for 30 years. He initially worked as an industrial graphics designer. He worked for 24 years in Community Social Services, a career path that he says he loved. “I continue to strongly support assisting all community members requiring help from infants to seniors. This will be my first foray into public service. I have been active in the local community setting on several boards and committees. I am also an active supporter of literacy and the arts.”

“I have come to realize that real solutions to local problems come from local planning and action. The creation of a seat on the Regional School Board for the Robson Valley is an opportunity to give local solutions a better hearing. I would like to be the conduit with which local ideas and solutions are presented and a reliable source for local people to gain understanding as to the board’s decisions and policies, so that they understand “where we are coming from” and we understand “where they are coming from.” Through better understanding better decisions are made. My main concerns are funding, and for rural staffing for rural schools. The formulas used to make decisions regarding these need to be re-examined given the economy and the impact on students and small communities under the current system. Students in small communities need to prepare for their futures as much as do students in large centers. There are large surpluses within SD57 portions of which could be used to bring smaller schools on line with larger urban schools. Having said that, it will be my highest priority to listen to local students, parents, community members and schools staff and accurately bring their concerns to the board and report back. My opinions are just my opinions I will need to listen and learn from the communities and from the Board."

SD 57 School Trustee Robson Valley Candidates