New McBride Pedicab Company

Owners and business partners of the McBride Pedicab Co. Allan Frederick (left) and Rick Thompson (right).
Owners and business partners of the McBride Pedicab Co. Allan Frederick (left) and Rick Thompson (right).

See McBride like you’ve never seen it before!

People walking or driving around McBride in the last few weeks have turned their heads as two green pedicabs zipped by.

The power-assisted pedicabs are fully equipped with lights, disc brakes and all the necessary safety features including a seat belt. They even have a sound system!

The McBride Pedicab Company is a new tour company started by business partners Allan Frederick and Rick Thompson. After five months of research and planning involving Transport Canada, Canada Border Service Agency, ICBC and a broker in Vancouver, the pedicabs arrived from China.

The excitement began when Frederick and Thompson unpacked the pedicabs and headed out on to the streets of McBride.

Tours are designed to focus on local businesses and attractions in McBride and tie them together to create a unique customer experience.

The “Fryday Tour”, for example, highlights fresh fries made at Shops on Main using locally grown Crescent Spur potatoes. Appreciate your fries while enjoying the historic buildings and murals of McBride on a half hour pedicab tour.

The “Cappuccino and Candy Tour” stops at McKale House Gifts & Used Books for cappuccino and candy and concludes with a half hour tour of McBride.

A great tour for residents is the “Groceries on the Go Tour”. Leave the gas guzzler at home and walk to the grocery store. Text or call the McBride Pedicab Company and they will deliver you and your groceries safely home.

Looking for a unique way to get to an event such as a wedding or a graduation? Why not book a pedicab for your special arrival?

Just want to get from here to there? They do that too! 

A current listing of tours the McBride Pedicab Company offers can be found on their McBride Pedicab Company Facebook page and in brochures all around McBride. Frederick and Thompson also offer custom and seasonal tours and continue to add tours as new opportunities arise. For more information, call 250-569-7060 or 250-569-7620 or find them on Facebook.