Submitted by Cpl. Kyle Ushock, McBride Detachment

Robson Valley RCMP Report - Oct 23/2018

Robson Valley RCMP Report - Oct 23/2018

  • Feeding future generations
  • Mock disaster emergency training


On Wednesday, October 3rd members of the McBride and North District RCMP, with the assistance of Fire Chief Hruby, served over 250 pancakes to the hungry students of the McBride Elementary School.

On October 13th McBride RCMP in conjunction with the McBride Fire Department facilitated a mock disaster scenario at the McBride Fire Hall. 

The exercise, which had been in the planning stages since the spring, consisted of a derailed freight train that had caught fire on the CN mainline within the Village of McBride. This exercise challenged local emergency response organizations to put into action their respective emergency plans. The exercise was well attended and positive feedback was received from attendees about the training session.

Special thanks to CN rail for providing their hazardous goods officer who provided valuable information to first responders on how to safely attend, evaluate and deal with a derailment situation.