Letter to the Editor

Letter RE: proportionate representation

Letter RE: proportionate representation
Explanation of Proportional Representation (Pro-Rep) voting nothing more than a “Dance of the seven veils” There are so many blank spaces in the new “Referendum Voters Guide” that after a reading, I am left with two questions.   

Was this put together after an all night drinking party? or…

Was this carefully crafted to ensure that confusion resulted to the extent that BC voters would just roll their eyes and give it up? 

Imagine….asking BC voters to consider voting on a referendum question that is full of blank spaces and woefully unfinished.

Imagine…asking BC voters to trust a “Voters Guide” that talks about an Electoral Boundaries Commission” as “independent” when the commission has been handpicked by the Provincial government itself.

Imagine….the “Voters Guide” that lays all of its credibility on an Attorney General’s Report that was prepared by a sitting member of the BC government who is at the beck and call of the province’s Premier.

I think this entire Referendum process is tainted with confusion, deception and partisanship, all for the purpose to try and con us into accepting the government’s grossly flawed new voting system. 

Just say NO to Proportional Representation. 

Richard Harris,

Osoyoos BC