Legion. Who are we? What do we do? Who can join?

The Royal Canadian Legion is Canada’s largest Veteran support and community service organization. We help Veterans, members of the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP and their families get the care and support they require.

We support our community by assisting our Veterans and advocating for their rights, by helping seniors when required and providing a yearly bursary to a student continuing to post secondary education.

By maintaining a loan closet of aids to daily living such as walkers, wheelchairs, assist poles, etc. we are able to help Veterans and others in the community maintain their independence whether after an injury, surgery or as their physical needs decline.

Branch 266 also supports the Junior Canadian Ranger patrol, ages 12 to 18, by providing a meeting hall free of charge.

Membership requirements have changed over the last few years and now anyone can apply to be a member of the Legion. You no longer need to have a family member who has or is currently serving to apply.

I am often asked, “Why become a member?”

The Legion offers many benefits. National and Provincial benefit partners offer everything from travel insurance to hearing aids, car rentals to eye glasses and more!

Locally, Branch 266 also offers local member benefits to encourage new and current members to support the Branch. Branch 266 is a welcoming, family friendly environment to get together with friends and family to enjoy a meal, a beverage and live entertainment.

What do we ask in return you say?

We look to members to take an interest in the operation of the Branch by attending monthly meetings when possible.

The Legion is a member driven organization and a successful Branch needs member input. Volunteering! Don’t be afraid. We don’t expect a full-time commitment but if any member can give a couple hours here and there we can do so much more.

Can you flip pancakes? Wash dishes? Help with events? A little time makes a huge difference in the future of our Branch.

If you are interested stop by the Branch, look us up on Facebook or call 250-566-4343 and leave a message. Membership applications can be done online or we can help you out in the Branch.