Out and About with the Kids

Courtney Rupertus
Out and About with the Kids

My name is Courtney Rupertus. You may recognize my name from my past Health and Wellness articles.

As I move into the new, exciting, and sometimes tiring world of parenting a two-year-old and a 5-month-old, I’ll be taking you with me as I experience the different activities and events for families that Valemount has to offer.

My goal is to present you with an inside look at what these events are like, mostly, so you can plan your outing accordingly and make the most of your time out and about with the kids! Also, I hope to inspire my fellow caregivers to give a few new things a try. I know how hard it can be to get out of the house with a baby and a toddler in tow.

This past week, my oldest son and I had the opportunity to be out and about on our own, while my partner cared for our infant at home. Parents who have more than one kid will probably already know what a treat it is to be out for a solo excursion with just one child at a time, as it makes for great bonding time and feels like such a break compared to taking both kids.

On Friday, January 25, we attended the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) fundraiser showing of the movie Ferdinand at the Valemount Community Theatre. The show was slated to start at 6:30 pm, which for older kids on a Friday night is probably no big deal, but for us we were sort of pushing our luck as bedtime is usually 7 pm for our toddler. I decided to make a go of it so the two of us could have a special outing.

Admission was $5 each and the price included a snack-sized bag of popcorn (or a bag of candy) and a cup of iced tea, which the kids could have at intermission. For us, this was the perfect introduction to going out for our first movie as there was space for the kids to get their occasional wiggles out, and parents could take their little ones in and out of the theatre without too much fuss.

Next time, I would definitely take a comfort item, like a stuffy or a blanket, so the kids could really snuggle in and enjoy. I also noted that if we were to come as the whole family, it would be quite easy and comfortable to either breastfeed in the theatre or to leave and attend to either child in the foyer or bathroom without causing too much interruption. I think families with kids of all ages would really enjoy this type of activity, especially since it’s not something that’s offered all the time in town!

The second activity this week that’s just started up again is Parent and Tot Swimming at the Best Western. Fellow parent and Canoe Valley Community Association (CVCA) member Laura Keil took it upon herself to organize Family Swim Sundays for parents and their children under the age of 5. This is something we so look forward to during these long winter months!

It starts up again weekly from Sunday, January 27 until Sunday, February 24 and you can attend anytime between 1:15 pm and 4 pm. The cost is $10 per family and there is a liability waiver to sign at the pool.

Parents can bring floaties or lifejackets for their kids, while towels are provided at the pool. It’s always nice and warm in there, so I’d recommend bringing a water bottle. Sometimes we go as a family, or just one parent and one child. Before we had our second child, we would take turns swimming with our son while the other got to relax in the hot tub! Any way you choose to make it work, it’s great to get out on a Sunday and do something a little different!