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Berg Lake Trail & Babe's Cafe

Courtney Rupertus

Berg Lake Trail & Babe's Cafe

Snowshoeing Berg Lake Trail

Before the formidable cold and a pile of snow hit Valemount, we took our two-year-old and five-month-old out in search of some white stuff deep enough to snowshoe in. In order for us to get in an outdoor adventure before our eldest son’s afternoon nap, we brought our breakfast, our coffees, and the kid’s snacks with us in the car to save time while trying to get going. Armed with our favourite family playlist, we enjoyed the slow, sunny morning drive, where we got to sip our coffee in relative peace compared to our usual hectic mornings at home.

We found what we were looking for at the Berg Lake Trail head, not far from the Mount Robson pullout off Highway 16. The access road and parking lot had recently had the snow cleared, which was great. Saul had a blast playing on the snow hills while we got ourselves organized, snowshoes strapped on, and finally the kids bundled up and strapped into their packs.

Our five-month-old son rode in our front snuggly baby carrier, first facing inwards while he slept. Once he got bored with that, we turned him around to see the sights! Our two-year-old rode in the backpack carrier and was easy to entertain by pointing out the different things to look at as we snowshoed along.

We were not the only ones to make tracks through the significantly deeper snow with our snowshoes that day, but we were the only ones with kids strapped to our backs and fronts. Needless to say, we only made it about two km before our excitement and our strength started to wain and the kids’ cheeks were quite rosy from the -15-degree cold air.

After a quick break from carrying our toddler and letting him play in the deep snow, we were off on our way back to the parking lot to enjoy our thermos of hot chocolate and for me to nurse our baby in the car. All in all, a great family excursion that didn’t seem intimidating to do again on another nice day.

Babes Café by Robson Valley Community Services

Berg Lake Trail & Babe's Cafe
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Another great option for families or caregivers looking to get out and about with the kids during the weekday, especially in the frigid temperatures, is Babes Café at RVCS. Held on the first and third Wednesday every month from 9 until 11 am, and for children ages three and under, you can simply drop in and enjoy some cozy, free play time with your child and connect with other parents in the community.

Snacks for the kids, coffee, tea, and water are provided, as well as a variety of toys for different age groups and a craft-like activity to do.

Also, there are always complimentary family resources available to take home that are relevant for that age group. Several handouts are provided with information on immunizations, dental health, behaviour and development, etc.

Guest speakers are invited to come as well to have an informal discussion on their area of expertise and answer any questions the parents or caregivers may have.

I enjoy Babes Café because of the relaxed and informal atmosphere where you can get out and socialize without too much fuss. Sometimes, I just take my toddler if I get the chance so we can have a solo outing, but it’s also quite easy to take both kids because of the supportive environment. There are no worries on my part about nursing or responding to my toddler’s needs.