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Please don’t help us, we don’t need your food!

Please don’t help us, we don’t need your food!

There have been many catch phrases through the years that touch on how smart and adaptable foxes can be. They are always ready to seize an opportunity when it presents itself.

Here in Jasper National Park, foxes perform some noble work on the landscape in consuming small mammals and insects. In many cases, prairie farmers now look upon them as allies rather than the cartoon invaders of the chicken coop.

Sometimes foxes leave the wilderness and make their way into the area in and around the Jasper townsite in search of food.  Parks Canada is very concerned that foxes are now being fed directly by humans in some cases and searching through unsecured garbage in others.

This is unsafe practice for both people and the animals. The fox has now connected the dots and actually approaching residents, visitors and their pets actively looking for the next meal, after all someone fed it directly the last time.

Once this connection is made by the animal it is impossible to change its behaviour.  Parks Canada will attempt to relocate it to other parts of the park, however the excellent homing sense that nature has provided the fox becomes a challenge that is difficult to overcome. Human wildlife conflict specialists have no other options but euthanizing the animal if and when it returns.

Parks Canada is seeking your assistance in making sure foxes are a part of the local landscape for generations to come.  Do not feed foxes or any other animal, they really don’t need that kind of help. Their life actually depends on you not helping them. Make sure your garbage is secure all year round, not just during bear season.

Make sure you can continue to enjoy watching a fox on the run in Jasper National Park.